Acro Yoga Fundementals – Beginner Workshop

Come learn to fly in this fun and interactive workshop with the amazing Skye from Acro Yoga Mermaid.

What you can expect to gain
-foundations and basics of acro yoga
– trust and communication in partnership
– trio pose
-intro to a pop
– partner warm up exercises
-cool down Thai massage sequence
Split up into groups of 3 we emphasis safety with the roles of flyer, base, spotter. We will rotate in between the three and gain new friendships as we form trust, together we encourage each other go beyond our beliefs of the ego, (the mind that tells us we can’t do that, or were to old for that).
Acro yoga is for everyone of all ages, heights and sizes. It is an enjoyable active and fun work out that works on our flexiablity while promoting laugher and joy while being fully present with our bodies.
I encourage everyone to come trial it out, you will gain the basic tools to take home to the family, children and friends. This is something you don’t want to miss out on.

This is open to complete beginners, no yoga experience required. Just come along and learn something new.

Come with a freind or on your own 🙂

Limited spots available so please book in qucik.