Breath of Bliss with Jean-Marc 4 week Journey

Awaken your bliss body with conscious breath work with Jean-Marc.

Once a week on Sunday evenings we will gather, feel the whole spectrum of human emotions, sensations and feelings and use them to come home to our true essence of Love.

Included in your journey

– 5 Breathwork Sessions

– Ecstatic Movement – Opening our selves up to more love with powerful embodiment practices

– Learn how to keep your vibration high through breathwork, even at home

– Powerful self love experience, creating to love the parts of ourself that we push away

– Learn how to create deeper connections with the people in your life

– Tackling the conditioning that holds us back from leading and creating the life we desire

– Breaking down barriers to success and fulfilment

– Rebirthing and Holotropic Style breathwork

You will then as a collective be added to a private facebook group as you journey through your 30 days to share and stay connected, ask questions, tell stories. You will be given a booklet that steps you through all you need to know and access to Jean-Marcs personal email for anything else you may need.

Each class includes gentle movement, deep sharing, touch and an hour of circular connected breath.

Starting Sunday Jan 28th 6-8pm (then each sunday evening for 4 consecutive weeks)


Casual drop ins available each session for $69 if you just want a one off session rather then doing the whole journey. Email to book a single sesssion
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