Breath of Life – 4 week Pranayama Course

Breath of Life: Four Week Pranayama Course

Breathe in, breathe out – no breath, no life. What asana (postures) is to the body, pranayama (expansion of vital energy) is to the mind. It aims to bring calmness in the mind by using the BREATH as a tool. Your breath is powerful. It affects every system in the body and when you learn to use it properly it can strengthen, stimulate and balance all these systems – creating a healthy and balanced body and mind.

This course is for those wanting to better understand the mechanics of their body to:
Establish a deeper connection with themselves.
Improve mental focus & effectiveness – calm the monkey mind!
Use their breath to support them in states of stress, anxiety and depression.
Use the breath to boost immunity, awaken dormant energy and prepare for deep meditative states.
Develop a regular pranayama practice to complement their asana practice.

The course combines theory and practice. Ensuing you understand the WHY behind the practices. Each week builds on the previous and you will learn these traditional yogic practices in a safe and fun way.

WEEK 1: Opening the Breathing System
WEEK 2: Purifying the System
WEEK 3: Balancing the Breath
WEEK 4: Finding Stillness Within

For your safety:
-Please wear loose comfortable clothing ensuring your abdomen is unrestricted
-Please ensure you arrive on a empty stomach (3-4hr gap after a full meal)
-Please inform the facilitator if you have any health problems (e.g. Hernia, High Blood Pressure, Epilepsy) as some of the practices are very strong and may not be suitable.

Your Instructor: Sharol Sebastian
Sharol has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and explored various systems before finding her Guru and settling with Classical Hatha and Kriya.

Always a student first, she has studied with many teachers both Eastern and Western. A bit of a yoga ‘geek’ she loves delving into the mechanics of the human system through the yogic science – from gross to subtle; mainstream to esoteric. She has spent time in various ashrams in India studying and practicing to deepen her Sadhana.

Her first spiritual teacher was S.N. Goenka and she has participated in numerous silent meditation retreats in this tradition. She is now an initiate of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of the Isha Foundation. She is eternally grateful for all her teachers have done in moving her from untruth to truth.

For Sharol, yoga is a path of transformation, discovery of self, and realisation of self. If you have a longing – yoga is for you.

Starts Sunday January 10th


Exchange – $120