Bronte Jacquard


From the moment I started yoga I fell in love, and have practised nearly every day since. It seemed to have everything I needed – even though I didn’t know I was looking for it! It is a physical workout with mental nurturing, a constant challenge with natural ease, and brings a deep longing to know, to understand and to experience more of myself and others. Yoga inspires me, and I knew very quickly that I wanted to become a teacher and bring that energy to my classes. I love inviting students to look deeper than the physical asanas, to focus on their breath, and to discover and explore the beautiful person within.

I made the pilgrimage to India and trained at the Vinyasa School of Yoga Rishikesh, in vinyasa and hatha yoga for 200 hours, where I experienced a month-long immersion in the world of yoga. I then travelled for a further five months. This was life changing half-year, an experience that taught and touched me greatly.

With a background in the community sector, I dream of one day combining yoga with the mental health and disability support fields. There are countless styles and benefits of yoga and I believe they should be available and experienced by all.

Come have some fun with me on the mat!