Rocket Workshops


Rocket is a blend of the first three levels of the traditional Ashtanga vinyasa. In the workshop we will work through the sequence learning alignment principles, modifications and transitions of poses. This sequence is made up of the standing poses in the Ashtanga Primary Series, Backbends from Second Series and Arm Balances from Third Series. Not forgetting our handstands and forearm balances that just make us feel great. The Rocket sequence is designed to create strength, balance and flexibility of both body and mind.

Suitable for anyone that is practicing Rocket or Power Yoga or if you’re just curious and want to know more. Also for those that are worried about arm balances and handstands you will leave feeling less intimidated with modifications.

Cost: $45.00
What to bring: water and towel if you’re sweaty
Cancellations: 48 hours notice is required for full refund; no refunds available after that time.



Putting everything you learnt on Saturday together in a class. The full Rocket sequence will be taught today.

Cost: $25.00
What to bring: water and towel if you’re sweaty
Cancellations: 48 hours notice is required for full refund; no refunds available after that time.


BOOK AND PAY ONLINE OR AT THE STUDIO [click on the workshops tab once you’ve loged in]

Rocket Workshop

I am looking at running a Rocket weekend workshop at the end of March. This is where we get to slow it down, workshop the alignment of poses and have a bit of fun. That will be 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon1-4pm. Then Sunday we will put it all together in a 2 hour class from 11am-1pm.

This is a great way to understand the Rocket sequence and get the most out your practice. You don’t need to practice Rocket to get something from this workshop. These are general alignment principles which carry into most other poses.

Please register your interest if you’d like to attend.

Getting to Class on Time

Are you that person that’s late everywhere you go, or time it so you arrive exactly the time your event is supposed to start!

……and then there’s the car accident on the freeway or the busy peak hour traffic that throws your exact timing into a tailspin.

As you know the doors lock when the class starts. If you’re not sure what clock I work off….it’s the world clock so if you syncronise your watch we’ll be working in the same timeframe.

There are a couple of reasons the doors close on time, one is to keep your valuables and the retail area safe (as no one is in the reception area once the class starts) and the other is so you get the full benefits of warming up the body before you go straight into a class.

If you’re wanting to come to yoga, please allow plenty of time. If you’re new, you’ll need to get there 15 minutes earlier to register, if you’re a regular, you just need 5 minutes to get in and set up.

In case you are unaware, the gym downstairs is a separate business to the yoga studio and the staff aren’t employed by Twisting Peacock Yoga. If you are late, please don’t ask gym staff to let you in. It’s up to you to get to class on time. Thanks for your understanding here.

Class Bookings

Hi Yogis, it’s been a couple of months now since we opened the doors and classes are going well with numbers building every week. The 4pm classes are a little slow though and there will most likely be time changes to that one in the not too distant future. In the meantime however, we need to ensure there’s bookings for some of these classes. It’s a good habit to get into booking classes online to ensure you have your spot reserved for when classes get full. There’s still a way to go for that, so if you’re not booking yet, just make sure you’re at class before the door locks.

  • Tuesday, 4pm – Hot Yoga
  • Friday, 4pm – Hot Yoga
  • Saturday, 4pm – Rocket

Please note that all bookings must be made online (no phone bookings) up to 4 hours prior to class. Cancellations must be made 4 hours prior to commencement of class also. That means, bookings and cancellations are required for these classes by 12 noon the day of the class.

A minimum of 4 people are required to run the class.

If you have booked and the required numbers aren’t there, I will text or email you. If you aren’t on email that day or your phone’s not available, please confirm with me before driving in.