Crystal Pendulum Necklace Making Workshop

LOVE – An exploration into creating with intent, from the heart.
” The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your action will be” – Dalai Lama
We leave our imprint on everything we do – from our interactions with each other, to our work, to the way we pick up a cup to drink out of.
Where attention goes, the energy flows. Energy and love is everywhere, all around. It surrounds us, it’s a part of us, it fuels us.
What if we infused everything we did with the energies of love, mindfulness and intent? What if we harnessed our love into something that would remind us every day of a higher purpose? Of a greater intent. If we could consistently remind ourselves to act with consciousness, compassion and warmth.
Join Kristine Ragus (Owner/Designer of Arrow & Plume Jewellery and 200hr RYT) as she guides you through a loving, soulful, intuitive journey to create your own Pendulum necklace (complete with your chosen crystal or gemstone) and shares her philosophies on love, creating with purpose , giving gifts with a personal meaning and intention setting using crystals.
Through this 2 hr journey, you will be guided through:
– Intuitively choose your crystal/gemstone
– Create your own Pendulum necklace (with your choice of crystal /gemstone) using elements of Yoga philosophy
– Infuse your creation with a purpose using mantras, personal wishes and affirmations
– Caring /cleansing for your crystal
–  Energies of crystals /gemstones and incorporating them into your life
– Giving gifts charged with love & mindfulness
Price includes:
– All materials
– Use of all jewellery tools
– Storage bag for your creation
– Guide on cleansing and caring for your crystal necklace
– Guide on healing properties of crystals /gemstones
– Keepsake personal mantra/affirmation card
– Herbal teas for refreshments
Saturday 11th August 11am – 1pm
Exchange: $85pp (includes your necklace)