Forearm Fundamentals with Kristine

This class is all about building strength & confidence to balance on the forearms .Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm stand) is powerful. It takes strength, flexibility & practice to move in and out of this pose. Quite often we don’t know where to begin with challenging Asana, The answer, is to start at the beginning, the foundation.

Just like other Inversions & Arm balances, Forearm stand requires preparation, a strong foundation, focus, confidence and a dose of courage.  Not only that, there’s profound lessons within this inverted shape. The lessons of patience, presence and perseverance.

Beginning with a warm up we will transition into drills & conditioning to prepare for these poses. Learn how to fall safely, Breakdown the key components of these poses & learn how to enter and exit safely.

This class will cover-Pincha Mayurasana (Feathered Peacock Pose/Forearm stand) And also variations of forearm balances.
We will use props, partner work, wall work & freestanding work to assist on this journey and adapt these poses to your practice needs.

Prerequisites- Recommended to have at least 3 months of consistent Vinyasa practice.

Bring an open mind & playful heart!

Sunday 31st january



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*Already a certified teacher? This workshop counts as 2 Continuing Education credits with Yoga Alliance and you will be issued a certificate that you can submit towards Continuing Education requirement