Half Day Solar Plexus Balancing Retreat

Join Mel & the beautiful Stacey from Satya Spirit for a wonderful afternoon of diving deep into our negative self talk & negative body image. With all the craziness in today's media of how the "perfect' body should look, we as women are under more scrutiny and pressure than ever to look a certain way. Both Mel & Stacey wanted to put an afternoon together for divine souls to unite, help and encourage each other to stop the negative self talk. To hush that inner critic and truly start loving the body we have been given. After a Yang & Yin class based on Ahimsa(do no harm by actions, words & THOUGHTS) you will be lead through a Solar Plexus clearing & balancing meditation. Then we will work through some self love & self acceptance exercises and finish with a small raw food demo with tastings. Please bring your Mum, daughter, best friends, colleagues, neighbours and enjoy a soul cleansing afternoon. Sunday 15th November 2pm-5pm $49