Halloween Yoga

Spiritually Halloween is about celebrating the cycle of death & rebirth. Death & rebirth is an important cycle that is constantly seen in nature and also mirrored within us. We are always going through shedding, releasing, and rebirthing as we travel along the journey of life.

Whatever deaths you have experienced this year; whether it be the death of ideas, attitudes, loved ones, relationships, dreams, etc, Halloween is the perfect time to honour the shift and honour the new energy these deaths allow into your life.

Let’s use the night of Halloween to honour the death that we have all experienced throughout the year. Through our practice, let us make space in our body for peace with all the things we need to let go of to welcome and celebrate the new cycle.

You can think of yourself as a plant in your garden. Are you feeling root bound by your own old beliefs, stubbornness, or attachments? Have you allowed new energy in the form of ideas and inspiration into your life recently? Have you nourished yourself spiritually?

When we turn the soil of our own lives, we get to discover what we forgot we had, as well as to observe when we need more growth.

Wherever you are is the perfect time to dig a little deeper; Do you have enough? What feeds you? Where are your energy leaks? Pay close attention to what your energetic body is trying to tell you.

By digging deep this month, we are preparing for the future by connecting with what is buried in the past and what the body needs to process this transition.
Nurture and fertilise those parts of yourself that need it. Slow down. Tune in.

Join Maya for Breath, Sound, Restore
Sunday Oct 31st 4.00pm – 5.30pm
Exchange $23

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