Hand Stand Master Class

Masterclass 1 Adho Mukha Vrksasana (handstand) & transitions

On a physical level, not only are they inspiring, handstands boost our energy, challenge us physically and bring out our playful nature but also encourage us to view life from a flipped perspective. They challenge the way we look at our world

There is more to the handstand than meets the eye - this pose requires patience, preparation, dedication, observation, integration & a willingness to play!

Beginning with a warm up we will move into the foundations of getting upside down.
preparation & conditioning for inversions (including hand placement, wrist health,
Shoulder activation, core, how to use props to adjust your practice to your needs)
and learning how to FALL safely (yes, there is an art & technique to falling out of your handstand)

This first Masterclass will cover the following handstand transitions & integrating them safely into your Yoga practice

-Kick up to handstand (L-shape & straight leg)
-Down dog to handstand
-Handstand to Chaturanga Dandasana

This will be an interactive experience which will include partner work, wall work & freestanding work. Completing practice with cooling, balancing poses & Savasana

Open to all levels , Recommended to have at least 3 months of consistent practice. Bring an open mind & playful heart

Please note this is the first class in a series of four that we will be holding on the first Sunday of every month

Masterclass 2 - Tuck Handstand & Straddle Handstand
Masterclass 3 - Eka Pada What?
Masterclass 4 - Forearm Fundamentals

$40 per class or contact ua.moc.agoykcocaepgnitsiwtnull@lem to book the series of four with a 10% discount