Introduction to Yoga Philosophy – Free Series

Join us for this complimentary series of lectures to help deepen your practice by exploring the other aspects of yoga.

We will explore various topics including the purpose of yoga, the yamas, the niyamas, pranayama, the five koshas and the seven chakras to name a few.
This series provides a way to dive deeper into the spiritual side of yoga. You will learn how to take your practice beyond the mat and make it a living process in your life.
Each session will conclude with a short guided meditation practice.
About your teacher

Sharol was first introduced to yoga over 10 years ago and has practiced various forms including Classical Hatha and Kriya. Always a student first she has studied with many teachers both Eastern and Western and endeavours to live a yogic lifestyle. She completed her first teacher training in Kundalini Yoga and recently completed a Holistic Hatha Yoga and Sound training. She has spent time in various ashrams in India studying and practicing and is also a regular attendee of silent meditation retreats.