Jodie Yearwood

I have had the absolute pleasure of teaching yoga and meditation all over the world, learning from so many different teachers in different backgrounds, as well as always learning from my students. Why do I love yoga and teaching yoga?

Yoga saved me- I first came to this practice with the idea of pushing pushing pushing, I wanted change in my physical body and this landed me in a deeper disconnection from my inner world but also a disconnection in my physical being… a dislocated knee in a bikram class. This moment, this is where my yoga journey began.

I realised I was moving from expectation and self judgement and I was now forced (if I wanted change) to go inwards and work on arriving home to who I am. I began my teacher training and that is where I began to meet me. From here I moved around the world teaching yoga, experiencing yoga and falling more in love with the magic of the practice that I not only witnessed in myself but also in my students. So why do I love yoga?

Because it’s a practice that brings you home, a practice that demands no judgement, accepts you for you and asks for compassion. And what you find on your mat is only the beginning of your journey, its when you take what you learnt, discovered, found, and take it off the mat… that is where you continue your yoga journey.

What will you find in my class?

A space for you to be you and be held in each moment- understanding everyone is at a different place and that is absolutely okay!!