Kathryn Gregory

Originally from the north of England, Katโ€™s adventurous spirit led her to leave her corporate job in London and travel the world. After visiting friendโ€™s in Perth in 2005, she decided to make it her home. Three years later, Perth is where Kat found her passion for yoga.

After a year of practising Bikram yoga, Kat knew there was something special about this practice that went beyond the physical body. A spark of interest had been ignited, and eight years later, yoga is not just a hobby or career for Kat, she is living her Dharma.

Since graduating from Bikramโ€™s College of India in LA in 2011, Kat has taught in studios all around Australia and the UK. Over her teaching career Kat has expanded her teaching styles to Yin, Vinyasa and pre-natal yoga studying with a variety of teachers around the world. It is through the teaching of Yin that Kat has found her calling.

Combining functional anatomy and modern alignment with her passions for energy healing, Kat aims to offer a unique experience within her yoga classes. Kat regularly lectures for yoga teacher training courses weaving her experience as a Reiki Master and intuitive healer into the realms of yoga. There is nothing Kat enjoys more than speaking about energy, Chakras, meridians and current energy forecasting in an easy to follow and down to earth way.

Kat is always keen to further her skills and personal practice through continued education to keep her work evolving and fresh. She truly believes we never stop learning, and there is still more to discover and unveil.