Kundalini Yoga by Donation with Greg Jarema

Kundalini Yoga is better known as “the yoga of awareness”.  It is a practice designed to change your entire life!  

Kundalini yoga uses physical asanas, meditation, breath work, and mantras to activate the different energy centers throughout your body.  Every single class is designed to create specific results that can be felt in the days and weeks to come.  

According to Huff Post, “If you like your physical exercise to come with a side of spiritual enlightenment, Kundalini Yoga might be for you.”

So what is “Kundalini”?  From the ancient yoga traditions, the Kundalini is the coiled serpent-like energy that lies dormant at the base of your spine.  Through the practice of these “kriyas”, or exercises, we unlock that energy and allow it to expand our consciousness.

For thousands of years, this technology was kept secret from the general public.  It was only passed between masters and their chosen disciples.  In 1968, a student of Kundalini named Yogi Bhajan brought the practice to the Western world.  He saw the incredible health benefits that it provides and wanted it to be public knowledge.  In this class, we will explore his teachings and how they can apply to our everyday lives.

Join this class to expand your presence, receive instant inspiration, reach outside of your comfort zone, and create community!

Saturday July 1st 3-415pm

$2 – $200 hehe