Linton Arberle

Linton is a Perth based independent contemporary dance artist. His physical training stems from a background in Tae Kwon Do, Ballroom, Latin American, Ballet, Contemporary and Yoga.

For the past decade he has been performing, creating and teaching across many physical disciplines and holds his Bachelor of Arts in Dance.

His connection to yoga grew as another tendril in the multiple veins of his physical-philosophical exploration. First and foremost lies his passion for movement. Through movement we realise the capacities of the body as a psychophysical conduit that connects us to all life, and its ever-changing nature. From this departure point, yoga becomes an anchor of physical process to divine internal
evolution in all forms. Open the channels, surrender your self to flow, and discover.

Linton began practicing Ashtanga yoga during his tertiary movement studies and later moved into the Power Vinyasa practice. After 5 years of practice, Linton studied his formal 200 hour teacher training with Power Living Australia. Since then he has taught at various yoga studios, gyms, health centres and institutions offering dynamic Vinyasa, Yin and gentle Hatha based classes in both Australia and
Europe. He has also completed a 10 day (100hr) Vipassana meditation course in Nepal.

As a teacher he is interested in sharing information in a space that people can discover for themselves. A format through which information is not hierarchical or imposed but shared as common body of knowledge we can each individually refer to.

Utilising his intrinsic understanding of the human body in motion and his rich legacy of movement experience, his classes revolve around awareness and/or use of the breath as the bridge into and out of the mind/body. His classes create a
continuously evolving energetic momentum that encourages you to discover, play and rise to the challenge. Investigate the limitless capacities of ourselves through integrated, functional and available movement. Offering opportunities to move with the mind and think with the body.