Mandy Francisty

My name is Mandy and yoga is one of my main forms of mental, emotional and physical β€œmedicine”.

I also love to surf, spend as much time in the ocean and nature as possible, exercise, travel and adventure. I am a real lover of life and love to inspire others to live their best lives too. To me yoga is about much more then the physical body. Yes it makes our bodies feel strong, open and flexible but it also makes our minds and hearts feel strong, open and flexible too.

I love to take students on an inward journey, to bring their focus back to self, to their inner knowing and hearts. My love of yoga actually started right here at Twisting Peacock by taking Mel’s Yin Yoga classes. I was on the start of my spiritual journey and these Yin classes provided me an opportunity to really connect deeper to self, to process emotions, to let go and to connect to my intuition.

Yoga is a gift to the students and also a gift to the teacher. We get to give to others and also receive so much from this.