Yoga was brought into MJ’s life at a young age when she moved to Australia with her parents at the age of 7 and her neighbours happened to own a local yoga studio. They enlightened her with all things yoga, trips to India & spirituality that at the time she found to be magic and she sees now how it embedded a little seed in her subconscious to come back to in her later years. Upon finishing high school and delving into uni not quite feeling like it was the right path for her. MJ found her love for yoga again but on a different level and understanding which encouraged her to take a 350 hour teacher training in Hatha Vinyasa. Continuing with further trainings she fell in-love with yin, restorative and meditation which she is very passionate about and love to teach. MJ believes yoga and meditation, especially in this day and age is a crucial practice to create space and allow ourselves to just BE, bring awareness consciously to what is and let whatever unfolds from within and from the outside to unfold naturally.