New Moon & Full Moon Classes

Full Moon 
The sun and moon's opposition makes for a sacred balance with effects that can be felt here on Earth. Our moon, being the closest celestial body to Earth, has grandiose effects on all living things on our planet. The full moon is a time to nurture, support, and create. During this time a shift of energy occurs as the moon brings light among the darkness. Eye-opening discoveries surface from within and emotions are heightened as our lunar feminine energy is sparked.
The full moon symbolises fulfilment, wholeness, and closure. Think back to the intentions that were set during the new moon and note if they have actualised. Perhaps this month's full moon brings one phase of life to an end as another begins. As the ocean's high tide washes over the sand it rinses the beach of debris. This same energy bathes the human soul of unneeded holds, blockages, and even emotional distress. So join us for a gentle nurturing class to allow our mother moon in her full illuminated state to awaken the soul and embrace the divine power within you. New moon 
The new moon is the first phase of mother moon's cycle. This divine occurrence happens every month when the Luminaries—sun and the moon—are in alignment. Although it may seem as though the moon has vanished, it's as powerful and abundant as ever.
The new moon is a magical time for self-reflection, relaxation, and enlightenment. It's the perfect time to set new intentions, new goals, and prepare for new beginnings.
During this lunar phase, take time for yourself and reconnect with your yoga practice and your deepest desires. Join us for a gentle & nurturing  class to welcome this new cycle. 
Friday 13th July - New Moon with Dani
Friday 27th July  - Full Moon total Eclipse with Mel
Friday 10th Aug - New Moon with Dani
Sunday 26th Aug - Full Moon with Caryn
 All levels welcome