Your first class


You’re on your way to your first yoga class at Twisting Peacock Yoga and you’re a little anxious. Perhaps you haven’t done yoga before, or maybe you haven’t been for a long time, plus you don’t know us and you don’t know what to expect. I promise we’re okay – we don’t bite! Let’s see if we can allay some of your fears.

Firstly, welcome to our studio and thank you for deciding to come along. And even if you’re still not sure, you’ve got this far so maybe you’ll join us one day soon.

Please know that most people are a little nervous before they come to yoga or a new studio for the first time. Once you get through the first class it’s so much easier – by then you know where we are, you’ve met us, and the format of the class is more familiar. Be okay with first time jitters and know that they will pass.

Registration form

You will need to register before your first class. Please come along with plenty of time to complete the registration form before the class starts – about 15 minutes is a good idea. You can also download the registration form from here and bring it with you.

What do I bring?

If you have your own mat, bring it along. If you forget or don’t have one we do have mats at the studio. We don’t charge for our mats, but we’d really love it if you helped clean it afterwards. There are spray bottles for mat cleaning located in the prop rooms. Placing a towel over your borrowed mat is always recommended. They can get a little smelly no matter how many times we wash and disinfect them 🙁

For hot and hot power yoga, please bring a towel big enough to fit over your mat. If you forget, we hire towels for a gold coin donation placed in the jar on reception. Money goes directly to Desperate for Love Dog Rescue. A great local charity helping save the lives of Perts unwanted pooches.

Bring some water with you to keep hydrated. The hot yoga yoga classes make you sweat (hopefully quite a bit!) so drink up before class, and then a bit after (once you’ve cooled down a little). We also have Carton & Co water available for purchase for $4.

We recommend practising on an empty stomach, so avoid eating a substantial meal in the two to three hours before class.

What do I wear?
If you’ve never been to a yoga class before, it’s worth knowing that you spend a bit of time with your head down – so jewellery and loose t-shirts can be really annoying.

Pick what works for you – crop tops, body fitting singlets or shirts that are comfortable and stay where they should, loose or tight-fitting shorts or leggings – something flexible and breathable. It is perfectly acceptable and common for guys to not wear shirts (especially in hot yoga).

Hot yoga is obviously hot so for these classes make sure you don’t wear long, heavy clothing that doesn’t breath (even if it’s freezing outside in winter).

I get out of the car and then …

  1. Come through the entrance, leave your shoes at the bottom of the stairs and come up to reception.
  2. Either bring your already-completed registration form (that you printed off before you came) or grab one from the teacher at the reception desk and fill it out at the studio. This must be done prior to the start of class, so please come at least 15 minutes before the class starts to do that.
  3. You have either already booked and paid through our online bookings system or you can pay with eftpos at the studio when you get there. Check out the pricing page for costs.
  4. Your belongings can be placed in the reception area. We lock the entrance door just before class starts so they are safe. (We love that most people are trustworthy but unfortunately things do happen. Please be aware that we take no responsibility for anything happening to your goodies while you’re in class so only bring the bare necessitates with you.)
  5. Only your good self comes into the studio – so no purses, wallets, keys or mobiles. Please make sure mobiles are turned off if they’re in the reception as sound does travel and there’s nothing worse than “The Pink Panther” striking up when we’re lying down in savasana at the end of class (that’s where we rest for 10 minutes to let all that good work come together).
  6. If you’re doing the hot yoga classes, you’ll need a towel to cover your mat. You can hire them at the studio for a gold coin donation or bring your own. After class has finished, if you’ve hired a towel, throw it in the laundry bin in the change area.
  7. The mats are cleaned, but most people like to bring their own from a hygiene point of view. So, either bring your own or use one at the studio.
  8. Once you enter the studio, there is no talking. So “sssshhhhhh” once you enter the big door, and lie down or sit and meditate until class starts. Leave the world behind and enjoy that little bit of peace before we get started.
  9. Enjoy, come with no expectations and, most of all, have fun.