One – on – One Yin Yoga & Reiki with Mel

yin-7-reiki-1 Much of Western yoga consists of yang practices, which are active and heat-building, focusing on muscle strength and contraction. Although these styles of yoga are undeniably beneficial to the practitioner, one must balance active and passive tissues and energies to live in optimum health. Yin Yoga is that balance, as it aims deeper at the connective tissues surrounding the joints, (ligaments, tendons and fascia). Yin postures increase flexibility, release deep-seated energies, and prepare the body and mind for relaxation and meditation. These passive yet challenging yin postures consist mainly of floor poses, which are held for 3-5 minutes at a time, encouraging the practitioner to dive inward on a physical and a mental level. As you release into the therapeutic benefits of your yin practice, Mel will coax you deeper into a state of peace and relaxation by sharing Reiki energy. Reiki is a hands-on, Japanese technique of healing through stress reduction and relaxation and has had profound benefits in those who practice it. The system is based on the concept of universal energy, this energy that animates and permeates every living being. When that energy is low, one is more likely to feel stressed or sick. Likewise, when one’s energy is flowing well, health, vitality and peace are more likely to occur. With our energy in balance, we can experience ourselves and the world around us with more openness and love. Private sessions run for 60 mins for an exchange of $99 Please arrive 10 minutes early & wear comfortable "yoga" attire.