Cody Cianfagna

Cody was trained on the beautiful coast of Byron Bay, where she completed her Certificate IV 500-hour teacher training course. This incorporated not only the physical aspects of yoga but also the spiritual aspects – pranayama and mediation techniques to help calm the mind and look inwards.

Cody has travelled all around the world and has first-hand experience of the connections this enables you to make with strangers and especially with yourself. Cody has chased her wild fire for as long as she can remember and so yoga teaching came as a natural progression – she knew her Dharma (calling) was to ignite that wild fire within others and help each person discover what it is that moves them.

She has had a consistent personal practice for many years and says β€œYoga is really an extension or a taste of my soul.” With a deep and soulful practice, Cody challenges her students to question, to explore and to play, hoping to uplift them along the way.