What we teach

What styles of yoga do you teach?

Power  / Hot Power 

If you see the above names in the title of your class youre in for some breath with movement. These classes are different every time, with sequencing selected from a wide range of poses.

Vinyasa yoga is a strong, athletic form of yoga. You’ll find lots of standing leg strengthening poses, leg balances, arm balances, hip and hamstring openers, spine openers and a whole lot more.

Usually these classes are a great challenge.You’ll learn to breathe with all of your lungs, not just the top bit. It will also provide a great opportunity to de-stress as you don’t get a chance to think of anything else except the pose you're in.

We finish with a Savasana to reset and rejuvenate the body.

SUITABLE FOR: Hot power and power yoga classes are available for all levels; however, we do advise completing at least 1-2 months of regular yoga practice first, or attending our 6-week beginner course.



Anytime you see Flow in the title it is as above, breath with movement, just that these classes are a little more chilled.

SUITABLE FOR: All levels


Yin / Breathe Yin Meditate

Yin yoga is the perfect complement to the more dynamic yang styles of yoga, and more often than not the yang style of our lives. Yin works to hydrate and lengthen the connective tissue of the body (tendons, ligaments and fascia) to increase flexibility and mobility with poses are held for longer 3-5 minutes usually while you're invited to find stillness and softness through the gentle discomfort.

It also has a strong focus on releasing stored or stuck energy from the body as the sequences follow specific meridians (energy channels) in order to help us restore balance to our over worked energetic systems.

You will leave your yin class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, mind, body and spirit.

SUITABLE FOR: Yin is for anyone and everyone, including your nanna! No yoga experience required; this is slow, passive and easy to follow. 


Yin & Flow

This class is the perfect mix of two yoga styles. We start with a good old sweat with the active hot power yoga, then slow it down at the end with a gentle and delicious yin session.

SUITABLE FOR: All levels


Breathe & Restore

This magical class fuses pranayama (yogic breathing) Restorative yoga poses and sometimes Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) OR Guided Meditation...This all into one blissed out class.

Healing practices like restorative yoga, yoga nidra & guided meditation can help alleviate stress by repairing the body on the deepest cellular level. This class activates the parasympathetic nervous system (the part of your nervous system that controls rest and digestion), allowing you to enter a state of ultimate relaxation.

SUITABLE FOR: Breathe and Restore is for anyone and everyone, including your nanna! No yoga experience required; this is slow, passive and easy to follow.


Women’s Only Nude Yoga

Join Mel for a liberating & uplifting night of gentle yin yoga, pranayma & guided meditation. Of course, as the title suggests, you are completely naked. This is a space for women to just … be. We all have wobbly bits, cellulite, parts of ourselves that we may not particularly love. This is the time to embrace the perfectly imperfect bodies we were given and enjoy this beautiful practice sans clothes, a chance to drop away all the bullshit and just come together to practice.

Please wear a sarong, shawl or dressing gown to enter the room and bring two towels: one for your mat, the other for the bolster. Women who are menstruating are invited to wear a nude colour G-string. However, for everyone else, it’s all about the birthday suit.

All women welcome.

Email ua.moc.agoykcoaepgnitsiwtnull@lem with any questions.

SUITABLE FOR: Women’s only Nude Yoga is for all women, including your nanna! No yoga experience required; this is slow, passive and easy to follow.