Six Week Beginner Vinyasa Course

Never done yoga before, or just the odd class here and there? Curious to know what it’s all about? Then this six week introductory course is perfect for you!

You will learn to connect to your body and breath and learn how to move your body with more skill, ease and awareness, thereby helping to release tension from the body, improve flexibility and also build more strength.

You will learn some key beginners’ poses including standing poses, forward & backbends, twists, a basic sun salutation, and a simple inversion.  We will also look at the importance of alignment in all postures, how to work towards experiencing ease & stability in your poses and the importance of the breath – its effect on your practice and using it as a simple way to start meditating.

 You will be encouraged to ask as many questions as you like throughout the course so you really come away with a clear understanding of all aspects of the practice.

Over the six weeks you will learn all of the essentials that you need to begin your yoga journey, instilling you with the groundwork and confidence to attend regular classes or begin a home-practice

Throughout your course you are also able to attend the following classes complimentary;
  • In-Studio
    Tuesday 930am Yin & 7m Yin
    Wednesday 430pm Flow & 6pm Yin & Flow
    Thursday 715pm Yin
  • Friday 930am Yin & 540pm Yin & Nidra
    Saturday 930am Yin & 3pm Yin & Flow
    Sunday 4pm Breathe & Restore
    All the yin and restorative classes on the schedule except 930am Sunday
This is a great opportunity to start increasing your bodies flexibility as well as giving yourself some time to slow down and reduce stress from your life and further deepen your practice. Just email Mel the day of the class you would like to attend and she will book you in.
You will receive further discounts on class passes after completing the course to make it easier for you to continue with your yoga journey. Again please email Mel if you would like to take advantage of this.
The opportunity to receive a couple of Ebooks and one Yoga E course will also be made available if that is something you wish to receive to help you dive even deeper into your yoga practice.
Starts: Monday 2nd November
Time: 7pm – 815pm  
Exchange: $115 (must be paid up front)
Venue: TPY Studio 3/228 Main St, Osborne Park
  • Bring a water bottle & towel. We have mats to use so you dont need to bring one unless you love yours and wish to use it.
  • We are next to NAB.
  • Doors must be locked at 7pm so please allow plenty of time for traffic to ensure you don’t arrive late
Please note that due to the popularity of this course no refunds are given for cancellations less than 2 weeks prior to commencement. And no refunds or transfers of classes are available once the course has begun.
To book, click the ‘Timetable & Bookings’ link (i recommend booking asap as this course always books out)

We look forward to getting you started on your yoga journey.

email ua.moc.agoykcocaepgnitsiwtnull@lem for any further questions

If the class is a little way away I would highly suggest taking advantage of our new student pass. $60 for 30days before coming along to the course.