Awaken Your Energy – Qigong

A literal translation of the Chinese character for Qi is air or breath. It is the energy that circulates within the body. It is the creative and formative energy associated with life.
The Chinese character for Gong means energy and time. Thus Qigong is the training or study dealing with Qi, which takes time and effort to master.
It is a method to build up Qi. The most important factor in practicing Qigong exercise is perseverance, and the key is to master your mind. The aim of Qigong is to build our body's internal Qi and make it circulate regularly and strongly in order to be healthy.
Qigong helps to restore vitality by making the body tranquil and allowing it to store energy. This creates conditions favourable for recovery of health.
Qi is one of the fundamental substances which make up the human body. The others are Xue (blood), Jing (vital essence) and Body Fluids. The various Zang Fu (internal organs), Jing Luo (meridians) and tissues of the body rely upon these four substances for their nourishment and energy requirements to carry out their normal physiological functions. Qigong practice stimulates their adequate production within the body and also encourages their free and unobstructed flow. When Qi and other substances are built up in the body, they automatically travel along the route of the Jing Luo (meridians) to reach every part of the body including any dis - eased organs. This helps unblock the channels and regenerate the body, bringing back vitality and health. Regular Qigong practice also helps us to balance and harmonise our emotions to the point where we can remain calm, centred and focused in our daily lives. Qigong can be learnt by anyone, regardless of age, gender or health status and this 5 week series. Starts Saturday 17th November 11am-12pm 'Be still as a mountain, and flow like a river'.