Charkra Balancing Afternoon with Mel (Finished)

**Booked Out **
Join Mel for an afternoon of movement, meditataion, breath, mantra & soul nourishing food to help you realign your charkras and bring your life back into balance.Mel will lead you through a divine Yin sequnce each posture relating to one of the 7 major charkras. You will be given mantras to bring you into awarness of each charkra and start the process of healing, then you will drift off to another world with a beautiful guided meditaion where your 7 energy centres will be brought into alignmet and fully charged.The day will end with delicous vegan and gluten free food.

Date: Sunday 21st Feb
Time: 2pm – 430pm
Where: Twisting Peacock Yoga Studio
Cost: $39

 Charkra Balancing Yin Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, Pranayma