COLLAB with FloEdge- Interior Leadership, Leading with Heart in the 21st Century

TPY will be bringing the yoga and meditation to this ahhhhhamzing two day workshop......


The world is changing at a rapid pace. We face complex situations at every turn, and uncertainty prevails over where we are heading. The old leadership styles don’t seem to work anymore. We see and feel every day the unintended consequences of decisions made that affect people, community and the environment that we live in. How do we overcome this? How can we make courageous decisions that take us into positive territory? What is required for us to lead differently so that creativity is nourished, people are cherished and the ecology is taken care of? Join us on an explorative learning journey where you will learn to open your mind and begin the discovery process of leading with heart. Get ready for an immersive, deep dive experience into the eco-system of the self and our relationship with the wider system. You will learn through a mix of hands-on and thought-provoking activities involving strategic foresight, science and the arts. Combine this with deep reflective journalling practices and the calming sensations of yoga and meditation, and you will emerge with a deeper appreciation of who you are and a more insightful understanding of how you can co-create and co-shape your role in the system, in order to lead with heart-inspired change! WORKSHOP OUTLINE Day 1
  • Mindfulness
  • Introduction to systems thinking
  • Understanding systems
  • Personal journalling
  • Yoga and meditation
Day 2
  • Exploring the self
  • Dialogue walk
  • Introduction to Theory U
  • Sculpting your future using clay modelling
  • Activation marketplace
  • Yoga and meditation

PRESENTERS Adam Jorlen Adam is a futurist who works at the intersection of strategic foresight and entrepreneurship with a focus on broad, long and deep innovation. Co-founder of the enkel collective, Adam is an innovator and a social entrepreneur with an extensive background in starting up social ventures and companies in Australia and in Europe. Tully O’Connor Tully is a former physiotherapist who realised his deep passion for motivating people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives when he started exploring emotional wellbeing and behavioural psychology. Known for his down-to-earth approach, Tully helps people drop out of their busy, overwhelmed heads and reconnect with the intuition of their body. Mel Howard Mel is the owner of Twisting Peacock Yoga. Through yoga, Mel makes it her passion to connect people with their inner truth for a happier, healthier life in body & mind. She makes yoga practice accessible to everyone through breaking down the philosophical side and making it more relatable. Benn Olsen Benn carries with him an innate trust in the human capacity for great potential. His ability to engage and bring out the best in people is an interesting result of years of combining high-powered corporate knowledge with soul-ful insights into the inner workings of the human heart. Stephanie Yoong Stephanie is a social entrepreneur and a scientist with a flair for human-centred design. She brings a forthright knowledge of the power of education while infusing her approach with a love for human connections when she works with groups to help them gain clarity about the design of the self, the community and the system. Elaine Olsen Elaine aims to inspire and enable others to believe that they can act and carry out their ideas for positive impact. Having spent most of her career working in government, Elaine has branched out into the sphere of social and collective good where she brings to life the delicate dance required to balance good governance with business acumen, community needs and individual conscience. SPONSORS NIT Australia - for kindly providing the venue for the event. Get your tickets people: