Reset & Realign with Mel & Mandy

Join Mel & Mandy for this beautiful manifestation workshop set on realigning you energetically and physiologically with the intentions you made bringing in the new year.
Mel will guide you through a yin yoga class to help open up any channels that may need purifying to help release stuck & stored energy in the body that may be blocking you and she will also teach you about Sankalpa (the yogis intention setting)
Mandy will then facilitate you to not only refocus and
re affirm your new year’s goals/intentions but also provide you with an opportunity to understand and release any limiting beliefs or habits that are holding you back and create new ones that will serve you for the future (through NLP techniques)A visualisation will complete the session that will powerfully connect you to your Sankalpa to ensure you subconsciously make all the right choices in life to guide you to manifesting all you're desiring. Saturday 3rd Feb 1230-230pm (plus tea and chats after) $40
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