Six week Level 2 beginner course (Drop in students welcome)

As you learn new breathing techniques you’ll come to understand how working with the breath works with your energetic field and can help calm the mind for meditation.

You’ll deepen your meditation practice too as you’ll be able to sit still for longer and quieten the mind to connect with the witness aspect of yourself.

By the end of the six-week course you will:

~ Have developed your strength and flexibility through practice of asana.

~ Know the full Salute to the Sun series and the Warrior series

~ Have developed your skill in breathing practices (pranayama) that work with your energetic field.

~ Be able to connect with the witness aspect of yourself through the introduction of new stages in Yoga Nidra.

~ Be able to sit comfortably in meditation and still the body to watch the mind.

Starts: Wednesday 11th January

Time: 7-815pm

Exchange: $115 or $20 for a casual drop in (you don’t have to sign up to the 6 weeks)

Please note there are no cancellations or transfers on this course two weeks prior