The Compassion Project – An initiative for young women

This 6 week series is a powerful platform for self reflection and will invite young women to step into a space of connection to embody compassion, respect and self love.

When we commit to such a practice in our younger years, we shape a future of love that supports us on our journey into young adulthood, we understand ourselves better, and we find the strength to embrace anything that this human experiences places in our path.

Expect movement, expect real conversations, expect journaling, and expect healthful treats.

About your facilitator: Kelly Dalby is a Holistic Health Coach and Mind-Body Medicine practitioner, her approach towards any movement session, any therapy based session or any interaction with another human is the same. She sees you as W H O L E. She sees your physical capabilities, the power of your beautiful mind and she feels the longing of your soul to connect to something deeper.
Her passion is growth, she is inspired by shared experiences and believes we can all live a life of utmost J O Y.