Womens Mini Urban Retreat

Have you ever stopped to think how society’s expectations may be impacting you as a woman, your identity and even your sexuality?
Join Jayde Robinson-Clancy for a reflective and interactive session exploring topics that may be impacting your self-esteem and self-confidence. Areas of focus include:
 • Social sexuality • Comparison • The Inner Critic • The rise of pornography • Values • Positive female sexuality • Sensuality • Shadow sides • Self-esteem and self confidence
This four-hour mini-retreat aims to provide you with the space to check in and confront external influences, while also empowering you to feel comfortable in your skin.
TPY’s Mel Howard will partner with Jayde to bring you this practical and heart-opening women-only workshop, supporting you to tune in with yourself.
The session will begin with a restorative yin practice guided by Mel to help quieten the mind – getting you out of your head and into your heart.
Exchange $79
Includes a light lunch and refreshments
1 hour yin/restorative yoga class
2 one-hour presentations/interactive workshops – one before and one after lunch
Closing meditation
When Saturday 25th March 11.30am to 3.30pm
Who All women, suitable for all ages
Please bring a notebook / journal, a pen and an open mind.
We can’t wait to journey with you all.
Mel & Jayde xx
Jayde has a background in Social Science with a focus on Gender Studies and Community Development. Jayde’s professional areas of focus include Family and Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Respectful Relationships and Women’s Well Being. It was here, Jayde discovered many approaches to Women’s Well being were ‘band aids’ ignoring the growing sexualisation of societies impact on women and their sense of self. Jayde is passionate about empowerment, equality, freedom of expression and supporting women to feel ‘good enough’ and live the life they truly want.
Jayde created The Blossom Guide: A young woman’s guide to modern sexuality in 2015 as a response to the hyper sexualisation of society and its impact on young women’s self esteem, self confidence and behaviours and attitudes towards their sexuality. Whilst writing the program Jayde discovered she personally struggled with many of the topics and realised it was the same for many women around her from all areas and stages in life. Jayde is thrilled to be bringing The Blossom Guide’s aim and message to an older audience and looks forward to an invigorating, real discussion and reflective workshop.