Self Love Yoga for Teens

Self Love Yoga for Teens
A 4 week course teaching female teens to understand & then embody self love at an early age.
Through movement, mindfulness, breath control and creating positive empowering self loving thoughts the girls will learn strategies and gain tools to manage the stress and anxiety of being a teen in this modern world
Suitable for all levels of yoga experience.
Ages 13-19
Week 1: Exploring thoughts and beliefs about self & creating new positive self loving ones. (Affirmations) Followed by a gentle all levels flow practice
Week 2: Learning to love your body and dropping comparison. Body talk. Followed by a gentle all levels flow practice
Week 3: Nourishing your mind, body and soul. Food, positive thoughts, setting boundaries, staying true to you - raising energy. Followed by a gentle all levels yin & flow practice
Week 4: Controlling anxiety and stress with breath and mindfulness. Followed by a restorative and yoga nidra practice

About your teacher I am Mandy. A being just like you, on a journey through life, a journey of self-love, self-discovery and “coming home”.
We are all on a journey to rediscovering ourselves. A journey to remember who we truely are, but have simply just forgotten throughout life, due to social conditioning and unfortunate traumatic events in life.
Like you I have had my fair share of ups and downs. Through my own personal experiences and journey of self-discovery, self-love and personal development I have also gained qualifications to facilitate and inspire self-love, healing and growth in others also.
I have finally “found "my light”, the light you all have inside of you too. I have discovered my Intuitive & Healing gifts along the way and am truely passionate to share these to guide other women on the same or similar journeys.
Part of self-love and deep healing is learning to live your true authentic self and align your life accordingly. It is truely liberating to reach this state in life and I am so empowered and passionate about helping you get to this stage in your journey also! To finally feel FREE!!
I started my journey as a healer as a College Teacher, then transitioned into a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, to now an Intuitive Guidance Coach & Healer, NLP Therapist and Yoga Teacher.
The things I am here to teach you are the very things that I needed to learn myself along my journey. They say that the best teachers are the ones that have struggled, experienced and once been students of what they are now teaching ... they can empathise and TRUELY get it!
I am a big believer that we all have the power to heal ourselves, but sometimes we need a little support and guidance along the way.
My hope is that I can inspire and facilitate you to find your self-identity and love yourself inside and out. Mandy x

Starts Thursday 14th November

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