Soulful Sessions – Teen Mini Retreat with Mandy Francisty


Did you know….
20% of teens are either “rarely” or “never” happy with their body image
52% feel that the media pressures them to change their body image
73% of teens feel their appearance affects their body image

Most of these beliefs are formed in childhood and adolescence, through life experiences, even just a simple yet unkind comment made by a friend at school can stay with you for life.

SOULFUL SESSIONS is designed to empower you to take control of your beliefs, happiness, self love and confidence within who you are, your WHOLE self and recognising that you are more than your physical appearance and body… you are much much more!

The 2 hour workshop is suitable for ages 11-19, both boys and girls and will cover all things self love, positive body image and self talk, self confidence and self worth, taking care of your body with movement and nutrition, stress management, yoga and mediation (for beginners).

Its run in a supportive, welcoming & comfortable environment with soul coach, yoga & meditation teacher Mandy Francisty

moc.ytsicnarfydnamnull@ydnam to find out more.

Soul nourishing snacks will be provided on the day.
**please dress in comfortable clothes to do yoga, bring your beautiful self, a notebook & pen

Sat 14th Dec / 1145am-1345pm / $49