Caryn Hough

Caryn is a passionate Soul Coach, Yoga + Meditation teacher, qualified Nutritionist, and Tantra practitioner.

Having first discovered yoga over 15 years ago and exploring Hatha, Iyengar, and Ashtanga, Caryn then fell in love with the flowing style of Vinyasa in 2015 as she likened it to a moving, dancing meditation. She then went on to study Tantra, Meditation, Yin and her personal favourite Yoga Nidra.

After finding she has a gift for relaxing and soothing people with her voice (Caryn has been told one of her best skills is putting people to sleep) it is her deepest wish to hold space for you to relax as she believes that this is how we heal.

Caryn is enthusiastic about teaching people how to connect to their innate inner wisdom and gifts, she loves doing the deep emotional work as she believes it can transform our lives and help us to break through fears and old patterning. She inspires others to trust in their higher self and step up into their true potential to live an uninhibited and authentic life and loves to lead by example.

Caryn’s favourite word is JOY and her other interests include running and attending retreats, astrology, cooking, dancing, hiking and going on big and tiny adventures.

Living a soulful, playful and abundant life is her mission and she pours her passion and heart into everything she does.