Sammi Davies

IMG_2343“My journey started with yoga, a practice for me very physical, very practical and very present. Under the guidance of my teacher I began to understand yoga was far beyond the simple reasons I was going there for. I had this pull to go everyday, to practice at home, to practice when i traveled for work. There was something more that I was receiving from this. Yoga began to show me myself, it began to connect me to my energetic self, my body, the infinite space around me, the energy that life is based on. I began to use yoga as a tool for embodiment. Embodying myself.

With qualification including Honours in Exercise & Sport Science, Holistic Wellness Coaching, Personal Training, Nutritional Therapy and more, teamed with my inner wisdom and natural gifts to bring you intuitive knowledge for your soul.”

So join the beautiful Sammi as she brings all this knowledge and more to her classes.