Tess Jennings

IMG_2338As an ex-dancer, Tess originally discovered Ashtanga Yoga as a means to maintain mobility and flexibility through asana. She soon fell in love with the practice and all it represented, as well as the transformative influence it had on her state of being. Exploring various styles, Tess eventually fell -again- in love with the fluidity and explorative creativity of Vinyasa Yoga, and was inspired to teach by a desire to share with others the support and nourishment she received from her own practice, travelling then to the US to do her training under Tiffany Cruikshank of Yoga Medicine. With a background in psychology, Tess is passionate about yoga’s role in mental health, and maintains a holistic approach to health in general. With each class, she endeavours to cultivate a sense of nourishment and support for her students, encouraging them to use asana as a tool to discover yoga in its entirety, both on and off the mat.