The Beautiful Place

The Beautiful Place: from chaos to calm. A four hour yoga, meditation, breath and mindfulness immersion into stress and how to master it.

Date: Sunday 17th November
Time: 1130am-330pm
Exchange: $69

Yoga practice & meditation – Session one -75 mins
Interactive workshop – 90 mins
Restorative breath work and yoga practice – Session two – 75 mins

All to often modern life is a blanket of stress with just pockets of calm and peace in between. What if life was a fabric of peace with just pockets of stress as it was designed to be? Join Madelaine Fisher in this one of a kind event as you journey into finding your Beautiful Place. Move from chaos to calm through understanding the neuroscience, biochemistry, and the yoga of stress in the modern world to uncover your personalised stress plan and the keys to your inner peace.

This is for you if:
stress is a daily occurrence for you
you are constantly fatigued and overwhelmed
you feel the benefits of yoga but are looking for practical day to day applications
your to do list never seems to end
you crave sugar and caffeine daily
In this event:

introduction to the neuroscience of everyday life
learn how the brain and body cope with stress (the neuroscience and biochemistry)
learn why stress exists and when its designed to help us
identify areas of un-managed stress in your life
Develop a variety of tools to effectively deal with stress in the moment and over
practice 2 styles of yoga and meditation
learn simple and deeply restorative practices to easily incorporate into your life
simple and effective techniques to manage stress
create your own Beautiful Place plan
learn how to build capacity to manage challenges as they crop up
plus much more+
Includes light refreshments and snacks (and some resources)

Maddie has a deep passion for understanding stress, its inner workings, and how yoga, breath work, mindfulness and meditation helps us to effectively handle stress on a daily basis.

She has developed a one of a kind workshop combining everything she has learnt (through study, my career and yoga), everything she has taught and continued to practice after thousands of hours working with clients one on one and in group settings. It combines her greatest love – yoga (alongside food, and her family hehe) with the biochemistry, neuroscience, and effective mental-emotional strategies for flipping it into something manageable and even helpful. – living life from a Beautiful Place even when challenges arise.

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