Yoga Under the Trees, Horse Therapy & a Yummy Vegan Breakfast

Aligned Living

Equine Assisted Learning is where you get to chill with a horse and learn some life lessons at the same time. Grab hold of this catalyst for personal growth! Embark on the adventure of a lifetime and have an experience with a horse that will take you to the next level. 

  Arrive for breakfast 730am where we will meet and mingle and eat yummy yummy vegan food stuffs. Then Joy from Aligned Living will lead you through 1.5hours of assisted horse therapy focused of bringing you into awareness of your mind, body & spirit as well as the world around you. Then Mel will lead you through a gentle Yang & Yin yoga practice culminating in a guided meditation. The day will be themed around awareness:
  • Awareness allows choice to respond rather than react
  • Horses help heavy hearts
  • Build your awareness in relationship with an accepting, spiritual being
  • Become aware of the patterns you use in relationship
Sense of Belonging,Emotional Intelligence,Safety,Self-Worth,Leadership,Sense of Purpose,Emotional Healing,Responsibility,Balance,Self-Discipline,Confidence,Spirituality,Creativity,Problem Solving,CommunicationMental Health,SelfImprovement,Care,Love,Acceptance,Tolerance,Respect,Resilience,Empathy,Awareness,Connection,Relationships,Social,Intelligence,Perseverance,Satisfaction/Celebration,Positivity,Flexibility.... *The yoga will be gentle enough for beginners *Open to kids over 12 years Saturday 31st October 730am - 1130am $169pp $300 for a double