6 Week Pregnancy Journey

Prenatal yoga is a specialised form of yoga and we generally recommend starting after your first trimester, and if you’ve arrived at 36 weeks and have only just found time to join a class – don’t worry its never too late to start (email Mel about drop in classes if you are late in your pregnancy)
These classes are designed to allow you time to connect to your Self and your baby. We want to help you create the space to approach birth with courage, strength and grace.

Whether you are a beginner to yoga or a seasoned yogi these classes are a great way to really tune in and stay healthy in mind and body during this amazing time of your life. 

Week One: Introduction to gentle breath work, movement and posture. Focussing on the connection of Mum’s to Bub’s. This will create a foundation for our 6-week journey together.

Week Two: Let’s open our hearts and work through any blocks we may have in our heart Chakra. What a gift we are growing. Let’s expand our heart space with heart opening poses and hand to heart/womb breath work.

Week Three:You are a Goddess, Mamma. Let’s celebrate our incredible bodies for growing life. Let us gracefully flow, move our hips and delicately dance to honour our beautiful bodies and what they can do. We’ll delve deep into sound using our throat space.  

Week Four: Stepping into our Power! Today we focus our awareness on deep breath work, hip openers and creating strength for childbirth and post partum.

Week Five: It’s all about nurturing YOU Mamma. What do YOU need? We will create an open, safe space, connect and create an intuitive flow. We will also touch on Hypnobirthing and its benefits for your journey.

Week Six: We will focus on Surrender. Letting go of what we cannot control. A gentle, supportive & grounding class to integrate all the tools we have learnt over the past 6 weeks. These tools you can use for the remainder of your pregnancy, during labour and into your rite of passage into motherhood. Remembering to be gentle and kind, and establish that consciousness to stay grounded and in your heart.

April 10th – May 15th
Saturdays 11AM – 12.15PM

Exchange: $115