6 Week Somatic Movement Journey

**This course has started, but you can drop in to classes on a casual basis. Bookings via Punch Pass

6 week exploration into Somatic movement

What is the definition of a soma?
A soma is the living body experienced from within – experienced in first person. A soma is self aware, self sensing, self regulating and self responsible.

What exactly are Somatic Movements?
Somatic Movements are slow gentle movements completed for the most part sitting or lying down. The practice of somatics is about engaging the soma in a sensory motor learning process to increase awareness of specific muscle groups and to release painful contractions.

What are these movements similar to?
These movements are not like yoga, which involves a series of asanas (poses) designed to improve flexibility, strength and balance or like pilates aimed at targeting core strength and muscle control. On the contrary these movements are aimed at releasing painful chronic neuromuscular contraction patterns in the body. The pace is slow and gentle performed with ease and comfort – no straining or exerting. There is no “perfect pose” or “ideal” version of these movements, just each individual working at their own rate and pace.

How do I know if Somatic Movements can help me?
Somatic movements can benefit anybody – you need not have suffered from a previous injury or trauma. If you find yourself sitting a lot at a desk, or working from a home office now with no ergonomically designed equipment you may benefit. If you spend hours in the car, or you’re a mother who constantly bends to pick up her youngster or balance her on your hip. If you go to the gym a lot, or you like to run. If you struggle with meditation or experience tension headaches, tight shoulders and neck. If you feel like your posture could do with a little makeover then somatics could help you with all of these things. If you feel stiff or sore on a daily basis. If you have had an accident and find that there is pain or tension resulting from that, somatics may provide benefits to you. Somatics can be used as relief from tension and pain and also as a method of preventing tightness from occurring in the body.

If you cant make all sessions (although its recommended) you can purchase a single pass to attend on a drop in basis

May 16th – June 20th
Sundays 2pm – 3.30pm
Exchange $139