Advanced Rocking & Rolling – August – September

This four-week course consists of 75 minute weekly sessions held each Sunday at 11 am, beginning Sunday 22 August 2021. It is a pre-requisite that you have attended either a 4 week or 6-week introduction to Somatic Movement at any location. 

What is this course about?

Rolling is a primitive movement that infants learn in order to be able to transition from lying on their back to eventually being able to crawl. Although as we age, we tend to favor more linear movements, preferring to operate on a plain of forwards and backward or side to side.

Rolling and rotation are still necessary and valuable functions to maintain – we roll out of bed each day, we rotate to increase our reach, when we walk, each step requires the hip to roll, to scratch our backs, we rotate through the shoulders and so on. Continuing to nurture and develop our awareness around rocking and rolling movements essentially provides us with greater range and greater physical freedom.

Lessons, date, and times:

Class duration – 75 minutes

Sunday 22nd August 11 am – Rolling and rotation

Sunday 29th August 11 am – Turning the trunk and waist

Sunday 5th September 11 am – Pelvic clock

Sunday 12th September 11 am – Rolling to sitting


Twisting Peacock Studio, Osborne Park. 

Investment: $160

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