Alana Shapiro

With a Bachelor degree in the field, Alana has been a dedicated dancer throughout both her personal and professional lifetimes. When unfortunate circumstances cut short her future career opportunities, she moved permanently to Asia where she struggled to find a movement outlet.

One day, she wandered into a yoga class and quickly fell in love with a judgement free practice. For the first time, she didn’t need to be anyone or anything. In no time, her thirst for knowledge and a deeper journey brought her to India, where she obtained her first formal yogic education as well as an Advanced Diploma in Ayurveda. Her understanding of her path as a yogini solidified after undertaking advanced yogic study under a Buddhist Lama.

This distinctive path has given her classes an interesting dynamic still deeply rooted in the true spiritual teachings. Utilising her dance and anatomy training, she takes artistic liberty to embody fluid and boundless-like movements through her classes as well as her Ayurvedic knowledge to choose asanas specific to Marma point stimulation, which are healing and energising to the body.

β€œDancing through asana practice is merely a tool just as all physical practice. The goal is to work through your kelshas (mental obstacles) that keep you from reaching your true Atman (pure consciousness/self). There are many paths in the journey of yoga. I am merely here to hold a safe space for people to take control of their own journeys and facilitate them in whatever their intention might be each class. This is deep work to re-pattern and gain control of our mind-bodies, while recognising that physical ability is not necessarily the signifier of an advanced practice. All of this is done so that eventually, when we are ready, the real, internal work can begin.”