Hi guys, I’m Ash

I’m a yogi at TPY and since 2022 have been fortunate enough to be teaching pranayama, restorative, yoga nidra classes.

At 16 I started doing yoga with my parents, but I didn’t really get it, I never understood why someone would tell me to breathe while I’m in an uncomfortable position.

I finally got into yoga 9 years later when I attended one of Mel’s classes with my dad. The class gave me the time to create space and breathe. I was always doing things and highly strung, I didn’t actually know what it was to slow down and take a breath. It was in that class that the practice of Yoga finally spoke to me.

From that moment I practiced as much as I could for 2 years, trying different types of yoga. I love the intensity of vinyasa/hatha, and the mindfulness of yin/restorative.

Practicing yoga provides huge benefits for my physical body but I feel the more important is the mental effects. Yoga brings stability and grounding through every aspect of my life. My learnings from practice help me to be present and enjoy the great times and help me to calm and reset in the not-so great times.

As a teacher I enjoy introducing and facilitating yogi’s journeys whether it’s through creative power yoga classes which challenge us physically, learning about our body’s awareness and responses. Or through my pranayama, restorative and yoga nidra classes in which the body is supported so we can create space to explore our minds and emotions. All in which is a practice that can translate into our everyday lives.

I have a background in gymnastics and enjoyed testing my limits in flying trapeze/circus skills. I regularly like to scare the pants off myself whilst rock climbing, as it’s another way I develop the lessons I learn from my practice and it’s fun. I am almost finished with my Masters of Occupational Therapy which is adding to my mastery of anatomy, mental health, and understanding the joys and challenges faced in everyday activities.

Yoga training-wise; I completed 200hrs of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India where I learnt a lot about myself and my practice. I completed a 70hr mentorship and 20hr intensive in Yoga for Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression. I am currently working through my 50hrs of Yin Training along with attending regular yoga courses.

I always look forward to greeting everyone before class, and hearing about their experience after. I look to bring a bit of space physically and emotionally for yogi’s, the way Mel did for me. And also, seeing which Animal Oracle card my Yogis draw at the end of class.

Namaste, Ash