Join Mel for her beautiful healing offerings

Ananda – Reiki, Massage, Chakra Balance

90 mins // Exchange $160

Mel will connect you deep into the healing vibration of mother earth with a guided meditation, followed by the placement of specific crystals over each of your main energetic centres (chakras), she will then be intuitively guided to balance each centre with reiki energy. 

Once your energetic system is flowing freely Mel will guide you somatically back into your body with a relaxation massage of the feet, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, face & scalp.

This mind, body, soul treatment will help facilitate your healing process by dropping you into your deepest rest state, by clearing blocks in your energetic field & repairing and rebalancing the energy so that you can move into an optimal level of calm from where your body is able to access its inherent ability to heal itself.

Samadi – Reiki & Crystal Bowl Healing

60 mins // Exchange $100

Mel will start your treatment by using 7 crystal bowls attuned to each of your major energy centres (Chakras) to start the process of bringing harmony to your energetic system by clearing & opening each of these wheels of energy. 

Your treatment will finish with 45 minutes of hands on or off (your preference) reiki.

Reiki is an incredibly powerful form of healing. It works to clear physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stresses and blockages and empowers the body to heal itself. 

You will leave feeling calm, balanced and refreshed. 

Visrama – Full body swedish relaxation massage

75 mins // Exchange $125

Book through link below and email mel@twistingpeacockyoga.com.au for bookings