Heart Lines – Yin and Metta Meditation with Mel

I have spent a great deal of my adult life thinking about love and how we share and receive this energy and I have come to learn that like many things, it can be cultivated & grown.

This has been my most devoted practice for the last 6 plus years. No matter what is going on in my life, no matter how I’m feeling in my body or my mind, I have been dedicated to awakening more love within myself so that I can show up in my little world with a more compassionate heart.

So join me (Mel) for a special Yin Yoga & Metta Meditation class.

We will gently move through a yin yoga sequence that will focus on freeing the energy of the heart and pericardium lines (meridians), as well as practicing some more traditional heart-opening poses. We will then get super cozy and be guided through a warming metta (loving-kindness) meditation and finish with a sound bath, crystal bowls, rain stick, drum….mmmmm yesssss, please. 

July 31 Saturday

Book here: https://app.punchpass.com/org/5683/classes/8866798

Bookings essential

I cant wait to share this with you all xx