Embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and transformation with our Hypnotic Journey, group hypnosis with Jenna! Join me, in this FREE class, as we unlock the immense power of the subconscious mind to create positive changes in your life. Through the art of guided relaxation, we’ll gently guide you into a state of hypnosis, commonly known as trance, opening the door to the profound realms of your subconscious.

Each month, our sessions will focus on a unique theme designed to bring about specific benefits for you. In January, as we stand at the threshold of a new year, our collective focus will be on letting go of what no longer serves us. This session will act as a powerful catalyst for personal growth, encouraging you to release burdens, negative energy, and old patterns that may be holding you back.

Throughout the session, I’ll employ various techniques, including visualizations and affirmations, to gently guide your subconscious mind toward positive transformation. Together, let’s embrace the beginning of the year with a collective intention to cultivate a sense of liberation and renewal. Join our community for an empowering experience and let the journey towards your best self commence!

? Allow Me to Introduce Myself: Guiding Your Mindset & Hypnotherapy Journey ?

I’m Jenna Gibson – Your Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. ??

With a focus on transformative hypnotherapy and mindset coaching, I’m here to empower you with the tools to unlock a happier, healthier you.

My personal growth journey led me to Bali, where I immersed myself in hypnotherapy & Yoga, earning a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy & yoga teacher certification.

Already a personal trainer, this journey ignited my passion for mind-body connection and authentic self-discovery. ?????

Since returning to Australia, I’ve continued my education, delving deep into neuroscience, Quantum physics, neuroplasticity, and the realms of mind, body, and soul. ?

With empathy and firsthand experience, I provide a safe haven to explore and transform. Together, let’s tap into your inner strength and cultivate a mentally, emotionally & physically stronger, healthier you today!

Last Sunday of every month

11am – 11.30am (straight after Sunday morning Yin)

All levels welcome

Exchange: Free