Mayan New Years Eve – Nude Breathe & Restore with Mel

Mayan Calendar year runs from the 26th of July each year and is calculated using a series of 17 cycles which are linked to the movements of the Sun, Moon, planets, and even constellations like the Pleiades. For the Maya, the eve before the 26th was important; it was the beginning of a new “personality”, a new cycle. Its the time to consider the year that had passed, the lessons that had been learned, and what could be done differently in the coming months.

So join Mel at this auspicious time of year as she guides you through a gentle restorative sequence, calming pranayama and a deeply relaxing yoga nidra.

Women Only

No yoga experience necessary

Bring two towels, one for your mat the other for the bolster

Bring a sarong / gown / slip dress to get changed into before class starts (or rock up already in it)

If you’re on your moon, please just wear nude colour underwear

Pen and paper/journal. You may like to ponder these questions before class, but you will get 10 minutes in class to do so to

List 5 things that you struggled with this year.
What could have you done differently to create a more positive outcome, for yourself and others?
What are the personal blocks that prevented you from expressing your best self?

Now based on your answers, list 5 things you will leave behind as you move into the rest of 2020 with the spirit of ‘beginning’. These could be personal blocks, behaviours or beliefs; it could be a relationship, job or situation. Or it could even be a physical object.

We welcome all sizes, ages, colours, trans, gay, straight, non-binary, alien. It’s a safe and welcoming space.

Note that this is just like a regular class except we will be naked. We don’t talk about our nakedness or bring much attention to it at all really, we simply practice sans clothes because it’s liberating, it feels good and because we can.

Saturday 25th July


Exchange $30