Have you been told you have “weak” glutes? Or do your hip flexors need constant stretching?

It’s time to debunk some common myths around muscles being blamed for not doing the job they were designed to do, or muscles always needing to ‘lengthen’ for relief.

By moving our hip joints in the way they were designed to move, our muscles (glutes) have no choice but to fire! Moving in and out of these ranges of motion, we also hydrate the hip tissues (myofascia) for long-term relief, rather than over stretching leading to instability and further tension.

Join me, Annelise Remigio, certified Slings Myofascial Trainer and Anatomy in Motion practitioner to help free your spine and pelvis with this Myofascial Mobility Workshop for Hips!

This movement session is designed to promote balance and support in and around the pelvis and spine, while releasing tension in the muscles around the hips.

This particular masterclass has provided great benefit for those who have experienced spinal, pelvic or abdominal injury or restriction, or pregnancy.

Whether you have a ‘touchy’ or stiff lower back, or simply need more freedom in your hip joints, these sessions are a gentle, yet effective way to create the support your body needs. We’ll move in ways that free your body, helping with balance, coordination & posture. Building postural awareness will also help to alleviate tension and minimise its return!

My background in the biomechanics of gate (how we walk), postural balance from a myofascial perspective (how we sit, stand and move), as well as my own history of back injuries and back surgery have taught me how to condition the body to have us standing upright with ease.

All fitness levels, physical trainers, manual and movement health professionals are encouraged to join and explore how your spine and pelvis are (or are not) moving, and embody functional movement to help your body move and function better as a whole.

These sessions combine up-to-date science, functional anatomy and myofascial training techniques to bring a β€˜cerebral’ movement experience.

The training integrates bouncing and dynamic movements along with slow and focused sequences whilst incorporating fascial stimulation with props like spikey balls. Contrasting sequences both heighten sensory awareness and proprioception (helping balance, among other things) and nourish fascia to create resilient, strong and lean lines throughout the body.

The ultimate goal of this workshop is for you to achieve a deeper understanding of what it takes to hold yourself upright with ease and how to move in ways to eliminate tension, while becoming more mobile, flexible and stable through your hips.

Saturday April 27th

1.30pm – 3.30pm

All levels welcome

Exchange: $30