Zsuzsa Octaviano

P1640046Zsuzsa, or Z, believes in the power of relaxing the body, conscious awareness of the mind and tuning our attention inwards for greater healing and growth. Movement and stillness. The form and the unseen became her opportunity to express and experience life more creatively, pleasurably and peacefully.

It wasn’t always this easy though. It wasn’t that long ago that Z was burning the candles at both ends. Whether she was studying full time, working 60 hour weeks, or even on holiday – regardless of what situation and environment she was in she always found herself in a cycle of negative thought, frustration and anxiety. Stress, worry and drama were her song. This was so damaging to her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. The catalyst for change was simple -she just wanted to be happy, why was it so hard? She was tired of living that way.

Realising her perception, thoughts and habits had so much power she began to explore life in more depth. Through yoga & meditation she found a deep reverence to how looking after yourself was the first step in looking after world.

Weaving in stories, poetry and the art of mindful living as part of her practices she encourages her students to see that life is art itself; that yoga, meditation and how we move and feel through it is just an extension of that.