Raw Chocolate and Fruit & Nut Balls Recipes

For everyone that came to the Rocket workshop today and wanted the recipe for raw chocolate and the raw fruit/nut balls, here they are:

Raw Chocolate
100g raw cacoa butter (from organic store or some health food stores)
35g raw caco powder (same shops)
45g (roughly, you might want more, mix it through and taste) dark agave (health foods stores, organic stores, coles health foods in some stores. This is in a bottle and looks a little like maple syrup.)
pinch salt (I use pink himalayan salt)
splash pure vanilla (not that cheap extract stuff from supermarket)

The trick here is I use a Thermomix where I can set the temperature to 37 degrees C. Raw food you don’t heat over 41-ish degrees so you can keep all the enzymes intact. So, maybe if you have a cooking thermometer you can do it that way or just keep your heat really low. Don’t melt cacao butter over direct heat, stick it in a bowl over the top of a saucepan of boiling water.

For Thermomix method, cut it into small slices, set on 37 degrees for 20 minutes (make sure it’s all melted).
Pour in the cacao powder, burst on speed 6-8 (or just mix through if you’re on the stove)
Continue to stir in Thermomix on speed 1 for 10 minutes @ 37 degrees. (On stove, keep stirring over heat for 10 minutes).

Add agave, salt and vanilla, mix through.

You can do whatever you feel like with your chocolate, mix it through some chopped mixed nuts, spoon onto tray and put in fridge to set, maybe fruit and nuts if you like that combination. For cherry ripes, blend glace cherries (I cheated they weren’t fresh) and shredded coconut in blender until cherries are mushed up. Press into a biscuit tray into thickness that you like (cherry ripe thickness) and put in fridge to get a little harder. Once set cut into size of your choice. Do the cherry part before you start doing chocolate so it’s ready to dip in. Dip your cherry/coconut bits into the chocolate, let as much chocolate drain off as possible, put onto tray with greased proof paper and put in fridge until you’re ready to eat.

Fruit & Nut Balls
For these I usually scan the pantry and fridge and see what’s available to blend up. It’s really that easy, you don’t need to worry about what it is and measurements, it’s just whatever you like to eat. Very roughly this is what I did:

2 cups dried peaches (could be a mix of dried apricots, apples, etc)
8 x medjool dates with seeds removed (you get these from supermarkets, delis, organic stores. If you’re using dried packet ones, soak them for an hour or so to soften)
1 cup almonds (whatever nuts you have or like really, macadamias, pecans, brazil nuts, etc)
1 cup walnuts
2 tablespoons heaped raw caco powder
sploosh agave (could be 1/3 cup?? taste to see if sweet enough for you)

Blend all of these bits up until mushed like rum balls

Soak 1/2 cup saltanas and fold through. Optional extra if you like saltanas

Roll into balls, roll through desicated or shredded coconut and put in fridge until you want to eat up. They’re better in the fridge unless you like them soft and squooshy. I like them a little harder.



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