The Gift of Meditation

Join two meditation masters who have lived in the Himalayas for forty years, and discover the depths of your own awareness.
Kristin and Robyn delight in communicating yogic philosophy, and bring a fresh thought which expands your inner vision and reveals your own true Self.
• Philosophy and technique of meditation
• Science of pranayama, learn how to access and store vital energy
• Power of mantra
• Learn a chant in Hindi
• Difference between the real You, your mind and senses
• Sat-Chit-Anand (Pure Existence, Pure Consciousness, and Pure Bliss)
• Questions and answers
Kristin and Robyn have had the unique opportunity to study with a fully enlightened being for most of their lives. They live at the exclusive International Meditation Institute where they are senior teachers in advanced meditation and yogic philosophy. They hold PhDs in meditation and offer an original way of thinking.
Meditation on your own pure, free, inner Space enables you to draw forth your power from your own treasury, and to function more effectively in your daily life. Whenever you take a dip in your source, you get united with your own superstate, your unwavering, peaceful reality. You become charged with pure energy and filled with clear understanding. You are Pure, free, forever.
You will receive a gift from the Himalayas and a workshop pamphlet.
Sunday May 12th
1130am – 130pm
$50 –  Because this beautiful event falls on Mothers Day we invite you to bring your mum (or fave mumma friend / figure) along for half price so we also have tickets for $75. Both purchased via Punch Pass link below
We are so humbled and excited to be hosting Kristin & Robyn. So please join us for the unique and wonderful event.
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